Mariko in MORE Paris Fashion Week Special (X)
  • Felt doki doki making this gif…especially the eating part…XD
  • Looking this gif, feels like playing PSP AKB dating game XD
  • Damn! the way she lift her head up a bit when feed fries to camera…so damn kakkoi and the eye contact!!
  • Munch munch Mariko XD
  • Sexy “Merci" by Mariko and the lip licking really fan service!!

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Dazai Osamu Wo Yonda Ka? (Accoustic ver)

NMB48 sayanee, nana, yuihan

Dazai Osamu Wo Yonda Ka? Accoustic ver. (Sayanee plays guitar, Nana plays tambourine, Yuihan plays harmonica)

The management should considering to form a new sub-unit for them. Their harmony is just too perfect!

Raw kinetic novel project about MariHaru..

But kinda lack of inspiration.. and stuck in writing..

still doesn’t have the story, tho..

maybe I’ll looking for  a mariharu fanfic writer who can lend a hand and an idea and a fanfic to work on :D